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Skiing trip with brunost break

My hometown in Norway is Lillehammer. This is a city that is known for winter sports, and we even arranged the Winter Olympics in 1994. I therefore grew up doing winter activities, such as ice-skating, sledging, building snowmen and, like most Norwegians, cross-country skiing.

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Christmas breakfast

I love mornings when you wake up late and then spend forever having a large and relaxed breakfast.

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Christmas Traditions

I love Christmas and its one of my favourite times of the year. My favourite part of Christmas is spending time with my family and friends, eating tasty food and cakes and all the traditions I have built up throughout the years!

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Brunost sampling in Newcastle

Last Saturday I travelled to Newcastle in England to participate in a Brunost Sampler event in the Fenwick Store there.

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Julebasar with the Scottish Norwegian Society in Glasgow

Every year, the Scottish Norwegian society in Glasgow arranges a Norwegian “Julebasar” (Christmas fayre). This year I participated, with a special “Brunost stand”.

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Interview with Claire Welle at Otway Restaurant

Otway is a restaurant on Fulton Street in Brooklyn, New York. I went there on my visit to NYC to chat to chef Claire Welle about her interest in food, her restaurant and brunost. We met at the restaurant, with its green and white décor and relaxed atmosphere, and sat down for a chat.

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Trip to New York and Washington D.C.

My second major trip as Brunost Ambassador was a trip to New York and Washington D.C. Here is the story of what I did during my trip and how my mission of bringing brunost across the Atlantic worked out.

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“Strikkeregatta” at Sjømannskirken

Every Wednesday, Sjømannskirken (the Norwegian church abroad) in New York hosts a knitting evening called “Strikkeregatta”. I brought along my knitting and some brunost cakes to their event.

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Street Food Thursday in Berlin

This weekly event held at Markthalle Neun in Berlin sure is heaven if you're a foodie!

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Trip to Berlin

My first major trip as Brunost Ambassador was a three-day trip to Berlin. Here is the story of what I did during my trip and how my mission of bringing brunost to the people of Berlin worked out.

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Welcome to the Brunost Embassy

Located in the city centre of Glasgow you find the official Brunost Embassy.

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Visiting the TINE Dairy

My first task as Brunost Ambassador was to see how the TINE brunost is produced.

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Greetings from Glasgow. My name is Kristin and I’m the new Brunost Ambassador!

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See how Kristin got the job

See how Kristin impressed everyone in the jury and scored her dream job as Brunost Ambassador.

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