About Brunost cheese

About Brunost cheese

Ask Norwegian-American friends about TINE® Brunost and they’ll tell you it is one of Norway’s most iconic foods. They’ll describe the distinctive flavor and how it evokes fond memories of home, family and the pristine landscape of Norway.

Understanding our country isn’t possible until you’ve tried a slice. TINE® Brunost is considered by many to be our national cheese. Its sweet, caramelized flavor is deeply rooted in Norwegian soul, it is an important part of our gastronomical and cultural identity and heritage.

The word Brunost may mean ‘brown cheese’ but it is unlike any other cheese made. In the first step, we separate the curd used to make traditional cheese, and save the whey. We boil this whey and then mix with a special blend of creamy cow and goat’s milk.

In step two, the blend is boiled in big kettles to dissolve the sugars and caramelize. The result is roughly the texture of caramel, sweeter than a colder cheese and very special. How long the mixture is boiled determines how dark and rich the color of the cheese will be. Once dissolved, the mixture is filled into separate bags and allowed to gently cool so the sugars crystallize.

This process is managed with exceptional care to ensure the crystals don’t become too large or form too quickly.

The resulting mixture is left to chill in bags, wrapped and ready to be enjoyed - no aging is required. The result is a fudgy, intensely-flavored ingredient with plenty of versatility - you can enjoy a curl by itself, use Brunost in cooking, or simply add it to the top of your favorite snack or breakfast.

For the thousands of Norwegian living in America, there are few things that provoke a feeling of home quite like Brunost - they’d be more than happy to share a slice with you. Just ask!

You'll find TINE® Brunost under the brand name Ski Queen® in the US.  


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The story of Anne Hov
It all started in 1863. In Gudbrandsdalen, in the middle of Norway, Anne Hov invented what was to become Norway's most iconic cheese; the creamy, caramelized Brunost.
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