This is Norway

Brunost is a traditional and unique cheese
that brings a part of Norway to your table.
Brunost Sweater

A unique design and pattern

A cosy wool sweater and a slice of bread with Brunost is what defines a Norwegian. A wool sweater with a pattern derived from the Brunost wrapping is just about as Norwegian as things can get.

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About us

The Norwegian delicacy for over 150 years

All Norwegians know brunost. Wherever in the world you may travel, there is no taste on the globe quite like it.

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Where does Brunost come from?

It all started with Anne Hov in 1863, the inventor of Norway’s national cheese.

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Solbråsetra: The birthplace of Brunost
Want to visit the farm where Anne Hov made the first Brunost?
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The Brunost Collection

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