Greetings from Glasgow


My name is Kristin and I’m the new Brunost ambassador!

I am very excited to have won this position. I love brown cheese and have loved it for as long as I can remember. My brunost passion comes from my mum’s side of the family. She grew up in Gudbransdalen, and the “Gudbransdalstype” cheese was always on the table when she grew up, a tradition she brought along when she got her own family. My grandad even worked as a bricklayer at the brunost factory!  As you can see, my family has a long tradition as brunost-lovers!

I currently live in Glasgow where I am doing a PhD in management / business history. One of the advantages of doing a PhD is the freedom this brings, which is useful when I now start this job of bringing brunost to the world! All I have to do is pack a laptop and some “brown cheese” and I am ready to go! I have always loved traveling and I have lived abroad several times, I always bring brunost with me when I move abroad and I have made all my friends try it. One of my friends from India loved it so much that I brought some with me to India as her wedding gift!

My favourite brunost dish has always been fresh, homemade bread with butter and brunost, just like my mum used to make it! But, I also love Norwegian waffles with brunost and the brunost-icecream I made for the national day celebration is one of the best ice-creams I have tasted! I am really looking forward to continue to promote the brunost, travel abroad and to try new brunost-dishes as the new Brunost Ambassador!