The Brunost Ambassador is appointed!

Kristin Stanwick Bårnås hails from Gudbrandsdalen, goes to university in Glasgow and has recently scored her dream job as Brunost Ambassador. The official opening of the first Brunost Embassy will occur shortly.

Brunostambassadør Vinner 3

In order to become Brunost Ambassador Kristin had to complete several tasks. Amongst other she had to invite her friends in Glasgow to a traditional Norway day celebration.

Her dedication to the project – and Brunost – won over the panel of experts. Here’s what they said:

”Kristin Stanwick Bårnås poured her soul, and a lot of creativity, into this celebration. She also made severeal dishes with Brunost, that I´d love to try.”

“It seems as if she spent a lot of time and energy on this. Having a bunch of people who don´t know the language, sing a song in Norwegian is creative. It´s also nice to see that she made several untraditional dishes using Brunost. Her Instagram is filled with Brunost-inspired pics. An undisputed winner!”

“Kristin Stanwick Bårnås is the undisputed winner! The opening scene, with letters carves from Brunost was only the beginning of a long array of great ideas: The cheese cubes with the flags in them, muffins with Brunost, the waffle and Brunost cake, the cheese slicer award, the Brunost map and last but not least: the Brunost ice cream! Kristin managed, in addition to demonstrate the versatility of Brunost, to throw a party that looks a lot like Norway day back home (bleak, but nice and cosy). She even managed to put on a parade! We find her idea of having people who don’t know the language sing a song in Norwegian, a fun idea. In addition she´s been active Instagramming during the weeks leading up to Norway day, and she makes both Norway and Brunost look good. Go Kristin – she deserves the title of Brunost Ambassador!”

“My undisputed favorite is Kristin Stanwick Bårnås! She keeps Brunost and its many uses in focus. Very inspiring video and Instagram. Rarely have so many great Brunost moments been captured in such a short film. Inspiring, playful and original. The quality of both the video and editing is very good. She will make an enchantingly good Brunost Ambassador”

Watch her Norway day in Glasgow video: