“Strikkeregatta” at Sjømannskirken

“Strikkeregatta” at Sjømannskirken

Sjømannskirken is the Norwegian church abroad. The organisation has a history going back to 1864 when the first church was established outside Edinburgh. Today, the church often serves as a meeting place for Norwegians and Scandinavians overseas. Sjømannskirken organises various events such as National Day celebrations, weddings and social gatherings. They also sell Norwegian and Scandinavian food.

Strikkeregatta at Sjømannskirken

Every Wednesday, Sjømannskirken in New York hosts a knitting evening called “Strikkeregatta”. So I brought along my knitting and some brunost cakes to this event. I am currently knitting a brunost-inspired jumper, so that is what I brought to work on. I can’t wait to show you how the final jumper turns out, but I still have a way to go! 

There were both Norwegians and non-Norwegians at the knitting evening. All of them had tried brunost before, but brunost in cakes was a new experience for several of them. I had made a baked cheesecake with brunost and some brunost toffee for the occasion. The other knitters were a bit sceptical about the cheesecake, but they all loved it as soon as they tried it.

Make your own Baked Brunost Cheesecake
Baked Brunost Cheesecake